Complete cutting plant for scrap yard – fully commissioned

A.L.B.A. is the main contractor, designer, manufacturer and supplier of a complete cutting plant for scrap yard for Ternium Mexico, consisting of no.2 noise-proof torch cutting machines capable to cut up to 2000 mm thickness; no.2 fume dedusting systems with filter, fan and spark arrestor; chilling unit for water circuit, engineering for civil works and ducts. Plant  allows processing of huge scrap pieces with the best productivity and respecting the strict environmental regulations: zero impact means no fume and no noise!

In December 2017, the two systems have been fully commissioned and handed over to customer.
1,7 m thickness solid pieces as well as galvanized coils have been cut by customer’s Operators with zero emissions at the fastest speed. High productivity, safety and environmental care combined in the state-of-the-art A.L.B.A.’s torch cutting technology!


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