65 years…And we’re STEEL young.

A.L.B.A. was set up in 1956 as an agency for important manufacturers of products for welding and oxygen lance cutting.

In 1970 the decision was made to put our own range of products onto the national steel market.

The eighties saw the merger of the in-house production of equipment and installations for the steel industry.

In 1990 the traditional production line was expanded with the “Installation Division” sector, dedicated to large-scale national and international steel production, in collaboration with important Engineering Companies.

In the years 2000 A.L.B.A. focuses on production of innovative machines and equipment, becoming one of market leader.

In 2006, in order to offer better products and services, has been opened up the branch in Brescia for the logistic and assistance.

In 2013 was born ALBA GROUP, following the needs of internationalization and continue improvement of product quality. ALBACUT KOREA Ltd has been established in Seoul (South Korea) for the assistance of Korean and Asian customers, while ALBA MECCANICA Srl has been established in Cuneo (Italy) for the manufacturing of medium-heavy steel constructions and industrial components.

In 2017, the acquisition of ATES SRL completes the team, with the addition of experience in the field of automation and electrical installations.

To combined action of the four companies allows carrying out the entire production process using exclusively staff and equipment within the Group, with the total quality assurance of the products.

Today A.L.B.A. is present in 60 countries worldwide with a commercial network and a marketing strategy open to new frontiers.



Since September 2009 A.L.B.A. has developed a system of photovoltaic solar panels with a power of 21kW. In 2021, a new investment was made for a new plant with a power of 110 kW, which allows the company to fully meet its energy needs.