Slab Torch Cutting Machines

A.L.B.A.’s torch cutting machine designed to be used in CC plants for cutting slabs are well known for their reliability, ruggedness and short cutting times. They can work in full automatic, semi-automatic or manual mode achieving the best performances as well as cutting results.

The machine is equipped with 2 high performance high speed water-cooled torches type ALBACUT with integrated pilot flames for normal cutting, granulating system, fluid control system, measuring system and all the other necessary equipment and safety devices.
The machine moves on 4 wheels (2 loose wheels + 2 driven wheels).

The machine structure, clamping system, torch holding trolleys and torches are water cooled by a controlled flow and protected against sparks by heat shields and provided with automatic centralized greasing system for easy maintenance.

Special features

The machine could also be equipped with the following special features as an option, if required:
– Measuring rolls for slabs length detection;
– 2 torches for in line sample cutting;
– Up/down system for torches automatic high adjustment to different slab thickness;
– Iron powder injection system for stainless steel cutting;
– Mechanical deburring system.

Under the sequence the cutting machine is clamped onto the strand by means of a pneumatic clamping device. In this way synchronous running of the machine is guaranteed. Then, the cutting cycle will start with the heating phase and cutting. After termination of the cut, the machine will be released from the strand opening the clamp. It returns with independent motors into the starting position to be ready for the next cut.

Designed and manufactured considering all the necessary conditions in order to avoid risks for personnel and plant during the use and maintenance of the machine, it will be equipped with all the required safety devices according to all internatioo nal standards.
The machine is based on a proven technology with high reliability and low maintenance and is specifically developed to offer high performances in heavy industrial environments.

The slab torch cutting machine is CE certified and developed according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.