Special Scrap Torch Cutting Machines

A.L.B.A.’s special scrap torch cutting machine designed in order to cut scrapped slabs, ladles, tundishes, slag pots, scrapped coils, scrapped rolls and various scrap material into any required dimension and suitable to be charged into EAF are well known for their reliability, ruggedness and short cutting times.
They can work in full automatic, semi-automatic or manual mode achieving the best performances as well as cutting results with very high hourly productivity.

main technical characteristics:

Type: scrapped slabs / ladles / tundishes / slag pots / scrapped coils / scrapped rolls / various scrap
Temperature: environment
Max thickness: 2000 mm
Dimensions: variable
Number of torches: 1 or 2
Average dimensions: according to scrap dimension
Stroke: ~ 10000 mm

Machines will be manufactured in heavy electro welded carpentry, machined where necessary, completely isolated in a dog-house equipped with guillotine door and special noise isolating panels to reduce the outside noise level under normal acceptable values (85 dB). A fume aspiration connected with a filtering system could be also included. The material to be cut will be placed on a supporting grid and the machine moves on top of it by means of rails placed beside. The machine will move away from the cutting area for scrap charge/discharge operations performed by crane.

Special features

The machine could also be equipped with the following special features as an option, if required:
– A dog-house equipped with guillotine door; – special noise isolating panels;
– A fume de-dusting system;
– 2 special heavy thickness water cooled torch for 2 contemporaneous cuts;
– Movable torch arm for all purpose all shape cut;
– Iron powder feeding system;
– Close water cooling system with own chilling system;
– On board air conditioned control cabin for better operator control.

The machine will be able to cut scrap pieces up to 2000 mm thickness in a longitudinal or crosswise movement, of any type of steel, pig-iron and slag formation with the use of iron powder if necessary.
The fluids (oxygen, gas, compressed air, water, nitrogen) and the electrical supply will be fed through a cable chain. The air conditioned control cabin will be placed on board the machine structure and includes the operator panel and the electrical board containing the PLC. All the necessary facilities will be also included. The only operator required per shift could control the cutting operation through a well dimensioned window with appropriate protection and armed glasses and work in safety in very good environmental conditions.

New targets in scrap cutting process achieved

Thanks to the specific design and to our special heavy thickness water-cooled torch type ALBACUT/G2 and ALBACUT/ VK we are able to achieve the following amazing results:
Saving in labour cost, with about 80% reduction in nr. of personnel required;
Saving in oxygen consumption, in comparison with the traditional manual cutting process;
Saving in time, with A.L.B.A. higher speed cutting technology and making the scrap preparation process quicker and easier with the possibility to have more cutting stations, more cutting machines and more cutting torches working together and controlled by one operator only;
– Working 24/24h continuously;
– Incredibly high productivity;
– Incredibly high cutting possibility with very high flexibility. Cutting thickness up to 2000mm;
– Always in compliance with all the new and more and more severe environmental and anti-pollution rules.

Designed and manufactured considering all the necessary conditions in order to avoid risks for personnel and plant during the use and maintenance of the machine, it will be equipped with all the required safety devices according to all international standards.

The machine is based on a proven technology with high reliability and low maintenance and is specifically developed to offer high performances in heavy industrial environments.

The special scrap torch cutting machine is CE certified and developed according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.