Flame Detection EN14753

New generation on Flame Management, The unique on the market

ALBAFIRE ™ is a new generation of Pilot flame torch with Integrated flame Ignition and Detection system.

ALBAFIRE ™ is specifically designed to be used in CC plant application to ignite main gas cutting torches remotely by the operator with a high level of safety improving efficiency and
reliability of the entire cutting process.

The ALBAFIRE ™ system has a safety level of PL=d, Category 2 according to standard UNI EN 13849 in compliance to safety regulation EN 14753.

It allow a remarkable increase of safety for both operators and equipment avoid any possible uncontrolled gas fl ow and atmosphere explosive creation.

The complete system consists in a gas/compressed air pilot flame torch equipped with automatic ignition and flame detection. A special electrode integrated with the torch causes the light ignition by high voltage sparks and detect the flame using gas-air combustion ionization.

The system is connected and controlled by a dedicated Pilot
Control Unit (P.C.U) that can be linked with the main automation safety management system.
Thanks to the new ALBAFIRE ™ system, the TCM start up operation could be managed in full automatic mode turn all the flame on automatically and giving the “Machine Ready Signal” to level 2 as soon as required.
Operators will also be able to manage the ignition remotely anytime.

In case of flame failure during AUTO MODE operation, the system will proceed autonomously with a new ignitions up to 4 times; if flame is not sensed within defined time, the security system send an error message to the operator involving the complete automation safety management system according to safety regulation EN14753 and closing the gas electric valve if required.

The ALBAFIRE ™ system of robustly built design completely protected against metal splashes and flame proof is made by stainless steel and brass.

The system is based on a proven technology with high reliability and low maintenance and is specifically developed to offer high performances in heavy industrial environments.

Advantages of ALBAFIRE ™ System
– Operator remote torching ignition
– Total safety of both operators and equipment
– Full automatic and remote control of flames

– Energy saving system – flame on demand

– Compliance to EN14753

– Automatic torch ignition and tcm start up

ALBAFIRE ™ Pilot flame torch with Integrated flame Ignition and Detection system is in compliance to the followings:
Machine Directive 2006/42/CE, EN14753, UNI EN
13849, UNI EN983, EN ISO12100, EN60204, Directive 2004/108/EC, UNI EN 746-2, and UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.

New ALBAFIRE ™ pilot flame torch with integrated flame ignition and detection is covered by patent no. EP 2 599 573 A1.