Burners for EAF

A.L.B.A.’s burners for EAF are designed and manufactured in order to improve scrap cutting-down (ALBASUN series) and to supply additional heat to the electric furnace (SUPERMACH series).
The water-cooled ALBASUN series burners are engineered to be installed on slag removal doors or on furnace walls and to be operated by a manipulator.They have a gas/oxygen crown outlet and they produce a long and very concentrated flame which allows to improve scrap cutting-down and electric arc stability. They produce an oxidizing and external mixing combustion with thermal capacity from 3 up to 5 MW.
The water-cooled SUPERMACH series burners are engineered to be installed on furnace walls.They have a supersonic gases outlet speed in order to avoid any possible flashback and to reduce tip obstruction caused by the slag. The high thermal capacity (from 2 up to 9 MW) and the very large flame size for wide surface heating allow a high heat supply to electric furnaces.
The complete system includes the fluids regulating station, the safety devices, special flexible hoses and the control board.
A.L.B.A.’s burners for EAF can be supplied in different thermal capacities, lengths, fluid inlet connections in order to meet the characteristics of each single furnace.
A.L.B.A.’s burners for EAF are developed according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.